Design Thinking To Save Lives

Humanitarian Design Workshops

Oliver's humanitarian design workshop series, Design Thinking To Save Lives, has been presented at SXSW, Google, and the UN, and featured speakers from Medicine De Monde, Greenpeace, Mercy Corps, UNHCR, and the Obama administration of the White House.

A safe space to explore how design can be used to save lives in crisis scenarios.

In this interactive workshop, participants learn and apply the principles of Humanitarian Design to create interventions and services that reduce suffering and save lives. The goal is to exercise the principles of Humanitarian Design in a risk-free environment with experienced, real-world practitioners.

The workshop is adapted for the participants, whether they are humanitarian field workers, designers, product managers, engineers, or lay people. The constant is that no specialised knowledge is needed to take part. The Humanitarian Design Workshop was originally devised by Oliver with practitioners from UNHCR, Greenpeace, and Mercy Corps.

Through Outside, Oliver's design studio, and various partners, the workshop has been used to establish Humanitarian Design Principles with NGO field workers, designers, engineers, and many others including at Google, SXSW, and at the UN.

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